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Perfect Music For: spiritual journeys, brief psychedelic trips, yoga, fleecing, log rolling, errands, hydroplaning, dark nights of the soul.

released August 1, 2021

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For eons, earth-based life has bought into the insidious lies of carbon. Now, the truth is finally told in Carbon The Liar, the latest album from The Cruel Earth’s Elements collection. Digging into the depths of Group 14 on the Periodic Table Of Elements, Carbon The Liar is a study of man as a flawed creature, possibly a primate/alien hybrid, who seeks redemption by conquering the Earth’s elemental metals and molten core. Empowered by techno advances — from the slide rule to the algorithm — man/woman becomes the superhero of his/her own lie-based story.

Carbon The Liar – it’s not true, yet you must believe…

Uncanny Silicon Valley – it’s a long, hot day in Silicon Valley…

Germanium – are we alone in the universe or is there something out there?

Tin Cry – tin crystals cry…so will you.

Pb (Lead) – spread your wings and soar boldly above it all!

Flerovium – cleansed by fire, you feel so alive!

released August 1, 2021

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