Chillin’ With The Chalcogens digital album by The Cruel Earth (6 tracks)


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Perfect music for: bodily functions, body modification, skeletal exchanges, endurance training, bone disease, breaking the bonds of heretical imprisonment, physical discomfort leading to deformity.
released November 1, 2021

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Humanity travels to the depths of space searching for answers to our planet’s origins only to discover the knowledge we seek is here on the cruel earth, beneath the blazing sun, the howling moon, our breathable air, our verdant landscape, our sea monsters, the controlled chaos encoded into our DNA and our ultimate emergence as human-machine hybrids. Oxygen is our life-raft on an ocean of extinction but not everything worships Element 8. Biology and technology clash with profound results on Chillin’ With The Chalcogens, the latest album from The Cruel Earth!

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