Explode! With Hydrogen and The Alkalis digital album by The Cruel Earth (7 tracks)


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Perfect music for: nagging, hiking, boating, tooth extraction, prom, pyres, electrical fires, hot yoga.
released January 1, 2022

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Explosive. Reactive. Unstable. Group 1 on the period table is a dynamic, lively bunch, filled with elements bound to alter our minds and bodies. Are we slaves to the alkalis and their irresistible allure, or can we tame their terrifying atomic power? And where does hydrogen — so simple, so pure — fit into this complex chemical ballet? The Cruel Earth mines the many mysteries of Group 1 on its latest release, Explode! with Hydrogen and the Alkalis.

On Explode! with Hydrogen and the Alkalis you’ll find seven mindbending tracks, including:

Hydrogen – so simple … you’re everything
Lithium – what do you do to my mind?
Sodium – don’t blame me … you’re salt of the Earth!
Potassium – shuffle and flow with the potash hustle
Rubidium – an ancient call from the East … ‘bond with me’
Caesium – wrapped in a web of intrigue, uncharted
Francium – she found it … give her proper credit!

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