I Am Iron, Man digital album by The Cruel Earth (4 tracks)


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Perfect Music For: journeys, trips, yoga, pyramid schemes, love, hate, regret, hydroplaning, dark nights of the toe.

released March 1, 2022

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Iron makes steel. Steel makes muscles. Nowhere is the profound bond between mankind and metal more apparent than the 8th group of the periodic table of elements. Aye, the iron family is strong and fierce, but every metalhead has a soft side, and iron, ruthenium, osmium, and hassium are no different. (Well, hassium is a little different …)

Join The Cruel Earth’s immersive visit to Group 8 on the Periodic Table Of Elements with “I Am Iron, Man,” coming March 1, 2022.

I Am Iron, Man features:

  • Part 1: Iron – the timeless sound of metal!
  • Part 2: Ruthenium – get what you want … or upend it!
  • Part 3: Osmium – get up and move, groove, and get funky!
  • Part 4: Hassium – so hard… so heavy…

released March 1, 2022

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