The Cruel Tutelage Of Vanadium digital album by The Cruel Earth (4 tracks)


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Perfect Music For: spiritual journeys, brief psychedelic trips, yoga, fleecing, log rolling, errands, hydroplaning, dark nights of the soul.

released July 1, 2021

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Vanadium is an essential ingredient in psilocybin mushrooms and has been part of spiritual rituals and introspective “trips” for millennia. Element 23 is here to teach us, though its tutelage is sometimes cruel. Explore The Cruel Tutelage Of Vanadium with The Cruel Earth and discover:

Vanadium – All vanadium compounds should be considered toxic.

Niobium – the lights of home await you!

Tantalum – dehydration and starvation as Divine punishment.

Dubnium – one day to live…what would you do?

released July 1, 2021

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