19 New Albums in 19 Months!

Tackling the Periodic Table of Elements is an ambitious musical project, but we’re more than up for it. In fact, we plan to release a new album each month, every month until July 2022! Each album will feature another group on the Periodic Table. 

Four Cruel Earth albums in four months...15 more to go!
Four Cruel Earth albums in four months…15 more to go!

We released a big album in January 2021, a full-length, 35-track concept album called From Seeds No More Than Dust. If you haven’t heard it yet, you should. It’s been called, “the next Hamilton.” Jump on the bandwagon early!

Our Periodic Table project kicked off in late-February 2021 with the release Zinc and Kin. Check out the video…and work that flow like mercury!

March 2021 saw the release of The Noble Gases Suite, a salute to our gaseous friends on the far right of the table. Check it out — it’s a gas!

April 2021 welcomes the release of Clan Cobalt Blue, a surreal musical visit with the quirky elements of Group 9. 

May 2021 will see the release of the Group 7-inspired The Manganese in Lascaux, an epic collection of songs celebrating mankind’s collective journey through time.  

What does June hold? The Nitrogen Group? Oxygen and Friends? The Coinage Metals? 

Keep orbiting the Cruel Earth to find out!