Coming 07/01/22 The Great Scandium Scandal

Group 3 on the Periodic Table touches our hearts and minds in subtle, unseen ways. The Great Scandium Scandal by The Cruel Earth takes you where you need to be.

Coming 06/01/2022 — Titanium Night Terrors

That spirit of reckless adventure, endless wonder, and impossible discovery is captured on The Cruel Earth’s latest Elements album, Titanium Night Terrors, coming June 1, 2022. Four musical gems polished to a prog pop shine!

Coming 05/01/2022 Caress Of Chromium

Polished and buffed to a mirrored gleam, chrome gives humanity what we most desire and fear — an unflinching reflection of ourselves. Stare deep into the many mirrors of the human soul on The Cruel Earth’s Caress of Chromium, coming May 1, 2022. This musical exploration of Group 6 on the Periodic Table unearths a quartet […]

Coming 04/01/2022 — Deep Space Travels With Boron

Space is cold and vast. But Deep Space Travels With Boron, coming April 1, 2022 from The Cruel Earth, is warm and cozy. From the bopping grooves of Boron, Indium, and Nihonium, to the mind-expanding melodies of Aluminium, Gallium, and Thallium, Deep Space Travels With Boron will open your mind and expand your horizons.  It’s easy to overlook […]

2021 In Review: 13 Albums, 70 Songs, 6 Hours Of Entertainment

The Cruel Earth had a busy 2021. We released 13 albums this year, over five hours of original music and videos.

Coming 03/01/22 – The Cruel Earth’s “I Am Iron, Man”

Join The Cruel Earth’s immersive visit to Group 8 on the Periodic Table Of Elements with “I Am Iron, Man,” coming March 1, 2022.

Coming 02/01/22 – Undead From The Palladium!

The Cruel Earth’s latest musical journey into the period table, Undead From The Palladium coming February 1, 2022! It boggles the mind while it soothes the soul.