Appearing Dec. 1, 2021 – Halogen Glow, the latest ‘Elements’ album from The Cruel Earth

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From gas to solid, the halogens ignite our lives and give us hope for a brighter future. From the majesty of fluorine to the artificial enlightenment of tennessine, the halogens are a snapshot of life on earth and the frail dreams of humanity. Experience the halogen group like never before with Halogen Glow, The Cruel Earth’s latest look at the Periodic Table of Elements. So salty, so toxic, so loving, so ready to form acid — the halogens take you by the hand and guide you to elemental truth. 

Halogen Glow features:

  • Fluorine – open your ears … and your mind 
  • Chlorine – clearer pools, better lives
  • Bromine – some bonds — and memories — hurt
  • Iodine – so violet, so violent, so with us
  • Astatine – gasping decay … there’s no going back
  • Tennessine – space and time unfold before you now!

Perfect music for: deep cleaning, synergistic enterprises, bad days, good days, tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, workouts, religious gatherings, uprisings. 

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