Coming 04/01/2022 — Deep Space Travels With Boron

cruel earth boron cover
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Space is cold and vast. But Deep Space Travels With Boron, coming April 1, 2022 from The Cruel Earth, is warm and cozy. From the bopping grooves of Boron, Indium, and Nihonium, to the mind-expanding melodies of Aluminium, Gallium, and Thallium, Deep Space Travels With Boron will open your mind and expand your horizons.  It’s easy to overlook Group  13 on the Periodic Table of Elements — but don’t underestimate its musical power!Deep Space Travels With Boron features:

  • Boron — direct from outer space … 
  • Aluminum — bend it, shape it, make it yours
  • Gallium — unpack the now … we measure our time
  • Indium  — your heartbeat sounds so funky
  • Thallium — a haunting melody, an unforgettable shade of blue
  • Nihonium —  psychedelics from beyond the final veil

Perfect music for: interstellar travel, burning, cell division, long division, introspection, grave robbing, soul searching, brunch.Deep Space Travels With Boron is available 4/1/22 from The Cruel Earth!Check out our Deep Space Travels With Boron video!