Coming 05/01/2022 Caress Of Chromium

cruel earth caress of chromium cover
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Polished and buffed to a mirrored gleam, chrome gives humanity what we most desire and fear — an unflinching reflection of ourselves. Stare deep into the many mirrors of the human soul on The Cruel Earth’s Caress of Chromium, coming May 1, 2022. This musical exploration of Group 6 on the Periodic Table unearths a quartet of elemental songs, touching on themes as diverse as reflection, identity, and the morbidity rates of earthworms. Feel the Caress of Chromium and experience your own reflection from a whole new perspective!Caress of Chromium features:

  • Chrome — Before it browsed the web, it bore our reflection
  • Molybdenum — an essential trace mineral that shapes us from the inside out
  • Tungsten — light our way, kill the worms
  • Seaborgium — what shall we call you? what’s in a name?

Perfect Music For: worm farming, mechanical engineering, volleyball (beach), personal reflection, biology, anatomy, vision quests. 

Caress of Chromium is available 5/1/22  from The Cruel Earth!

Check out our Caress of Chromium video!