Coming 06/01/2022 — Titanium Night Terrors

Pre-save The Cruel Earth’s Titanium Night Terrors.

Group 4 of the Periodic Table of Elements promises great strength and unimaginable depth. That spirit of reckless adventure, endless wonder, and impossible discovery is captured on The Cruel Earth’s latest Elements album, Titanium Night Terrors, coming June 1, 2022. Four musical gems polished to a prog pop shine!

Titanium Night Terrors features:

  • Titanium – it’s good to see you again…sorry for your loss
  • Zirconium Prayer – muscled metal and British stoicism 
  • Hafnium – get away from it all…get lost
  • Rutherfordium – take a spin in the cyclotron

Perfect Music For: backyard burials, family reunions, molting, target practice, business casual sex, advanced chemistry, macrame

Titanium Night Terrors is available 6/1/22  from The Cruel Earth!

Check out our Titanium Night Terrors video