Coming 09/01/22: Act Denied – The final album in the Periodic Table song cycle

The epic journey through the Periodic Table of Elements reaches its dramatic conclusion with The Cruel Earth’s Act Denied releasing Sept 1, 2022. Go face-to face with the man-made radioactive monsters known as the actinides in this full-length, 14 track collection featuring:

  • Actinium – feel the righteous rage
  • Thorium – heady, spacey, trippy
  • Protactinium – our bond is strong! we’ll always live as one!
  • Uranium – can’t you see I’m heavy inside?
  • Neptunium – horses and planetary bodies
  • Plutonium – balding with gray teeth
  • Americium – I love guns! I love money! I crave power!
  • Curium – a French twist on basic chemistry
  • Berkelium – this is the way that it must be
  • Californium – come on now, brothers and sisters
  • Einsteinium – you’re cargo now
  • Fermium – where is everybody?
  • Mendelevium – a simple thing turns it around
  • Nobelium – be the no

Perfect music for: planetary parties, discovery, grocery shopping, napping, not listening, intense listening.

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