Coming 08/01/22: Better Living Through Lanthanides

Album cover for Better Living Through Lanthanides by The Cruel Earth
Pre-save Better Living Through Lanthanides, the latest album from The Cruel Earth, drops August 1, 2022

For the last 18 months, The Cruel Earth has worked tirelessly to deliver musical interpretations of the Periodic Table of Elements. We have released 18 albums so far, and it has all led to this: the F-Block. 

You know the F-Block. It’s that long, double row of elements down at the bottom of the Periodic Table. While it may appear separate from the rest of the elements, the F-Block gang is really a unique and magical offshoot of the table, a double branch of elements, half natural, half man-made. 

Our August 2022 release, Better Living through Lanthanides, tackles the all-natural top row of the F-block, finding musical inspiration in:

  • Lanthanum –  Stabilize yourself with lanthanides.
  • Cerium – We must be getting close, it’s too bright in here.
  • Praseodymium – We need you to maintain our orientation.
  • Neodymium – The embers inside still smolder. Enkindle me.
  • Promethium – Did you steal my fire?
  • Samarium – Listen to the whisper…the whisper…
  • Europium – We don’t think anymore…about you…
  • Gadolinium – You’re paramagnetic! Shrink my tumors!
  • Terbium – The lights are on, but no one’s home.
  • Dysprosium – Buckle up! It’s xenotime!
  • Holmium – Ethereal guitar journeys to inner space
  • Erbium – Rhythm and blues, soul and magnetism
  • Thulium – A dynamic maze of interlocking melodies
  • Ytterbium – Gimme, gimme … grant us, grant us

Better Living Through Lanthanides is the longest Cruel Earth release since the band’s debut concept album, From Seeds No More Than Dust. Better Living Through Lanthanides is a 14-track, 36-minute odyssey that finds doubt, confusion, and conflict transformed by elemental musical reckoning  into an oasis of calm and quiet harmony. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll fall in love! Listen to Better Living Through Lanthanides and live better!

Perfect music for: self sacrifice, soul sacrifice, soul food, sole and shoe repair, aerobics, long walks on short piers