Coming June 1, 2021 – Coinage Metal

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Silver…gold…copper…roentgenium! Everybody’s favorites on one incredible album!


Releasing at midnight, June 1, 2021.

Our love affair with the coinage metals dates to the dawn of time. What is it about these shiny metals that compel us to value them above all others? While copper is the backbone of brass and bronze, civilizations have lived and died for the love of gold and silver. And where does heavy-hitting newcomer roentgenium fit into the family?   

  • The Age Of Copper – The violent path of precious metals is blazed…
  • Is It Silver? – What is it? Who knows? We only know we want it!
  • Gold – Shiny, shiny, shiny…
  • Roentgenium – a manmade monster or an evolutionary progression?

Perfect Music For: lovers, sinners, dreamers, collectors, warlords, peaceniks, bankers, manipulators, entrepreneurs, tourists.

Coinage Metal is available June 1, 2021 from The Cruel Earth!

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