Coming May 1 – The Manganese In Lascaux and Others

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New album of Group 7 Favorites!

cruel earth manganese cover
Releasing at midnight, May 1, 2021.

In a cave in France, ancient artists used manganese to create images of the world around them. The Manganese in Lascaux and Others by The Cruel Earth continues this tradition, journeying to the Earth’s core — and the far reaches of space — to capture eternal truths about the human condition. 

  • The Manganese in Lascaux – deep in darkness, the artist works…
  • Technetium Star – embiggen yourself with a Red Giant!
  • Wine On Rhine – watch the Rhine flow…drink their wine…
  • Brother Bohrium – family relationships get complicated on the Periodic Table…

Perfect Music For: meditation, prayer, personal reflection, party rocking, heavy petting, frog gigging, smelting, offshore drilling, edible cannabis. 
The Manganese In Lascaux and Others is available now from The Cruel Earth!Check out The Manganese In Lascaux and Others video!