Coming Sept 1, 2021: The Triumphant Chariot Of Antimony and the Pnictogens

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The Triumphal Chariot Of Antimony And The Pnictogens

Will we ever escape the bonds of earth? What fuel drives our desires?

Experience the hubris and failure as men and women struggle in vain to conquer land and sky. 

From poisoned rivers to our first infantile steps off-world, we fight for footing on a planet rendered unstable by a legacy of recklessness. We taste the tainted air, let the ruined soil run through our fingers, medicate into a forgetful haze of sensual pleasures, and dream of a day when we can leave our childhood home and walk like gods among the stars. 

Where would we be without Group 15 on the Periodic Table Of Elements? The nitrogen family touches every living thing on earth. From basic biology to beloved poisons to futuristic fuel the pnictogens do it all. The “p” may be silent, but the pnictogens get loud on The Cruel Earth’s The Triumphal Chariot Of Antimony And The Pnictogens, coming Sept 1, 2021.

Nearly 30-minutes of new music, featuring:

  • Nitrogen Fixation – Bacteria and lightning! Your ammonia perfume is intoxicating!
  • Phosphorus – Exposed? Explode! Epic!
  • Arsenic – Some families are blessed with toxicity.
  • The Triumphal Chariot Of Antimony – Bacilius Valentinus! A communion wafer for your ears.
  • Remember The Bismuth Stomach problems? Bismol for all!
  • Moscovium – The fuel of the future, here today, tomorrow, yesterday, forever!

Perfect music for: interstellar travel, cell division, long division, gardening, behavior modification, body modification, interpretive dance, blackout poetry. 

The Triumphal Chariot Of Antimony And The Pnictogens is available now from The Cruel Earth!

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