Double Elements Album Drop!

Yeah, we released a 35-song rock opera a few weeks ago, but we’ve got another surprise DOUBLE ALBUM DROP scheduled for next week. Look for The Cruel Earth’s ZINC AND KIN and THE NOBLE GASES SUITE whoever groovy music is found!

Check out a track from Zinc and Kin on Soundcloud!

About The Albums

Zinc And Kin

Explore the musical glory and terror of Group 12 on the Periodic Table of Elements with The Cruel Earth’s Zinc And Kin!

“Zinc Stink” is a head-bopping, toe-tapper that examines the production intricacies of Element 30.  

“Cadmus And The Water Dragon” is a musical epic, tracing Element 48’s origins in Greek mythology.

“Mercury Flow” is an extraterrestrial dance sensation sweeping the globe! Work that flow like Hg-80!

Don’t be frightened by the inherent instability of “Copernicium” (Ca-112) — flutes, whistles, and calming psychoactive guitar will lull you into a sense of security, however false. 

Perfect Music For: spiritual journeys, cardio workouts, ADD adults, hyperactive children, the deceased or nearly so, entrepreneurs, weddings, bar mitzvahs, chem lab, bumpy car rides, etc. 

Zinc And Kin is available now from The Cruel Earth!

Check the Zinc And Kin video!

The Noble Gases Suite

Check out a track from Noble Gases Suite on Soundcloud!

Inertness has never been so moving! The Cruel Earth’s Noble Gases Suite celebrates the Periodic Table of Elements’ far-right with a musical journey through Group 18! Driven by acoustic guitar and soothing melody, The Noble Gases Suite includes: 

  • Helium (He-2) — a haunting, familiar melody lighter than air…
  • Neon (Ne-10) — slow dive into an exotic cove at midnight…
  • Argon (Ar-18) — the heart of exploding stars…
  • Krypton (Kr-36) — grass beneath your feet, the sky is calling…
  • Xenon (Xe-54) — the earth shifts as the warm glow encompasses you…
  • Radon (Rn-86) — colorless, odorless, tasteless, and oh so groovy…
  • Oganesson (Og-118) — don’t worry about decay. You still have half your life!

Perfect Music For: incense burning, late-night creatives, business people, students, laundry day, gas enthusiasts, close dancing, spacing out, smart dinner parties, etc. 

The Noble Gases Suite is available now from The Cruel Earth!

Check the Noble Gases Suite video!