Coming Sept 1, 2021: The Triumphant Chariot Of Antimony and the Pnictogens

New album from The Cruel Earth. The Triumphant Chariot Of Antimony and the Pnictogens coming Sept 1, 2021.

Sneak Peek At Group 16: Polonium music video!

Light me up! Here’s a coming attract of Group 16 – The Oxygen Group. This is the music video for The Cruel Earth’s Polonium. Enjoy!

Coming August 1, 2021 – Carbon The Liar

For eons, earth-based life has bought into the insidious lies of carbon. Now, the truth is finally told in Carbon The Liar, the latest album from The Cruel Earth’s Elements collection.

Coming July 1, 2021 – The Cruel Tutelage of Vanadium !UPDATE!

Releasing midnight, July 1, 2021. The Cruel Tutelage of Vanadium!

Coming June 1, 2021 – Coinage Metal

Releasing at midnight, June 1, 2021. Silver…gold…copper…roentgenium! Everybody’s favorites on one incredible album!

Coming May 1 – The Manganese In Lascaux and Others

Releasing at midnight, May 1, 2021. New album of Group 7 Favorites!

The Cruel Earth’s Clan Cobalt Blue Arrives April 1st

A study in blue! The Cruel Earth’s new album — Clan Cobalt Blue — releases April 1, 2021. A chilling journey through Group 9 of the Periodic Table of Elements, Clan Cobalt Blue travels from the vastness of outer space to the quiet places deep inside our hearts. Featuring: Cobalt (Co-27) — blue…so blue… Rhodium […]