Undead From The Palladium digital album by The Cruel Earth (4 tracks)


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released February 1, 2022


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Oh, nickel. Some people think you’re nearly worthless, but we know your secret … and your family’s secrets. They run deep — from nickel’s metallurgical mysteries to the unearthly horror of palladium, from platinum’s shimmer to the synthetic enigma of darmstadtium. Find the answers you seek on

The Cruel Earth’s latest musical journey into the period table, Undead From The Palladium coming February 1, 2022! It boggles the mind while it soothes the soul.

Undead From The Palladium features:

  • Part 1: Plugged Nickel – Metallurgy has never sounded so alive!
  • Part 2: Undead From The Palladium – The myth of Pallus adapted for modern times
  • Part 3: Platinum – You shine so bright! You’re the best!
  • Part 4: Darmstadtium – Unfathomable … we don’t know your secret power!

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