Surprise Album Drop! Greetings From The Sargasso Sea!

The Cruel Earth has dropped a surprise 12-track album and video entitled “Greetings From The Sargasso Sea.” Look for it this month! The Sargasso Sea and miles of red-brown sargassum welcome you!

cover of the album greetings from the Sargasso Sea
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  • RErrera to MZampella
  • Re: Greetings From The Sargasso Sea
  • “This is our best-sounding album. So many textures. Beautifully produced. It is definitely a headphone album but it sounds great on speakers too. Fiona’s parts are perfect. 8a1 is a beautiful bass/violin duet, with the tinny acoustic constantly butting in, demanding attention.  I thought 8a1might not fit with the rest of the album because it doesn’t contain any of the main motifs, but it’s a low and slow variation on the “p1 theme” the way p10 is a double-time, “compressed” variation on the p1 theme. I didn’t realize you wrote all these variations on themes until I listened to the mixed album. Better that I didn’t or I would have had a more obvious musical reaction to it. This is a sophisticated album – New Age with an edge!”