Trust Issues – New Cruel Earth Single Drops Midnight January 15, 2023

The Cruel Earth continues its weekly singles series with the release of “Trust Issues” at midnight on January 15!

Listen to Trust Issues!

What’s The Song About?

There are some people you simply cannot trust, like men with pineapple haircuts and women with almond eyes. This song identifies as “alternative” and “jazz” but we can all hear the creepy metalhead lurking around in the background. You can’t trust that guy, either. Shifty, glass-eyed (no, for real, one of his eyes is made of volcanic glass), long-haired, organ-jamming, club hopper with a chipped tooth and a plastic leg. You know the type. That guy wants to bang his empty head, but the song demands more of him. Still, you’re neither “alternative” nor “jazz” Trust Issues, no matter how you see yourself. Look again! Look deeper. 

  • Track: Trust Issues
  • Length: 3:11
  • Instruments used: Bass, drums, electric guitar, piano, organ voice

The Cruel Earth plans to release a new single with accompanying video every Saturday at midnight throughout 2023.