2021 In Review: 13 Albums, 70 Songs, 6 Hours Of Entertainment

The Cruel Earth had a busy 2021. We released 13 albums this year, over five hours of original music and videos.

Check out The Cruel Earth 2021 Music Sampler on Spotify or Soundcloud.

From the folk concept album From Seeds No More Than Dust, to the soundtrack for The Epic of Everest, to the varied weirdness of the Elements album cycle, The Cruel Earth has covered a lot of ground this year. Maybe you’d like something mellow like the mostly acoustic Noble Gases Suite or the twisted metal of The Cruel Tutelage of Vanadium, Clan Cobolt Blue, or Zinc and Kin.

The Cruel Earth thanks you for your support this year and we look forward to producing even more music in 2022!

In 2022, The Cruel Earth will continue to release an album on the first of each month completing the Elements album cycle. This will be 20 albums of music all inspired by the Periodic Table of Elements — 118 tracks! Stay tuned for the dramatic finale of the lanthanides and actinides series coming next summer!

Also, we have an album of instrumental ambient music called Transits on tap. The Cruel Earth is also preparing for an exciting singles project in 2022 where we release a new song every week for a year. Stay tuned for more details and will see you in 2022!